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Jessica Simpson's 'Meddling' Father

Jessica Simpson's 'Meddling' FatherJessica Simpson's father has been blamed for ruining her romance with Tony Romo.

American football star Tony - who split from Jessica last week - reportedly became increasingly frustrated with Joe Simpson's involvement in his daughter's life.

FOX News reports: "Joe's meddling ways most likely took its toll on the relationship, which is the reason why they split the first time 14 months ago. Joe promised he'd take a step back when the couple reunited but he was still too involved.

"At one point Joe was even giving Tony football advice which doesn't go down well."

Tony, who dumped Jessica the day before her 29th birthday, is believed to have been unhappy in the relationship for some time.

A source said: "It was a long time coming, he hasn't really been into her and the relationship for awhile, but stayed together because he didn't want to look like a jerk for not having a better reason to break it off.

At one point Joe was even giving Tony football advice which doesn't go down well

"She is trying to save face by saying that it's because of their busy schedules."

In March, it was alleged Joe - who is also Jessica's manager - was jealous of Tony and believed he was having a negative influence on her career.

A source said: "Joe now feels that Tony has become too much of a distraction for Jessica. Any free time she has, Jessica wants to spend with Tony. But rather than blaming his daughter's work ethic, Joe points the finger at Tony."

The pair began dating in November 2007. Jessica and Tony first met in 2006, when American football fan Joe introduced them.

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