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Kim Cattrall opens up about her sexual relationships

Kim Cattrall opens up about her sexual relationshipsSex and the City star Kim Cattrall has opened up about her sexual relationships and how she thought that sex would lead to love, but it never did. Cattrall, 54, revealed how she lost her virginity at 15 and was so disappointed by the experience that she did not expect it to be any better later.

“It is important to realise how important love is. I separated love from sex. Or just thought sex would lead to love. It did not, of course,” the Sun quoted her as saying. “Love gives you a chance to feel at ease and be prepared to try things. You cannot be so much at ease with someone you don’t really know. I would constantly make excuses for bad sexual experiences.”

“I wish I had not made an orgasm my only goal. It is more about all-round sexual fulfilment. I would advise girls not to lose confidence about their sex life. I had convinced myself that I was not sexual - and that sex was not that important,” she added.

She also said that talking is very vital and that she used to protect herself by limiting how much she felt, and added that she now knows not to be afraid to let go.

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