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Angelina Jolie Gets Permission To Shoot In Bosnia

Angelina Jolie Gets Permission To Shoot In BosniaHollywood actress Angelina Jolie is out of trouble now. The actress' directorial debut 'Romeo and Juliette', parts of which were supposed to be shot at Bosnia, was been stalled for non-completion of legal documents.

However, the latest reports suggest that work on the film can begin as Angelina Jolie has received the much-needed permit and will now be able to film in Bosnia.

“Romeo and Juliette” tells the story of a Bosnian Muslim woman in love with a Serb with the Bosnian War as the backdrop of the movie. As the story progresses, the woman is shown being raped by her lover. The trouble for the Angelina Jolie starrer began when Bakira Hasecic, a rape victim during the War and the President of the Women Victims of War Association situated in Sarajevo lodged a complaint with the ministry of Bosnia speaking against the content of the film. It was Angelina Jolie herself, who took the responsibility of clearing all doubts and erasing the offense that anyone may have felt after watching her film.

A representative from the sets of “Romeo and Juliette” says that not only the rape but also the love story between the Bosnian and the Serb will be shown in the film, in fact it is the love that they share that ultimately leads to the condemnation that the man inflicts upon the woman. According to the latest reports, the ministry of Bosnia seems to have understood the storyline and have agreed to issue a working permit to Angelina Jolie. The filming will begin in late November.

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