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Paris Hilton molested during night out

Paris Hilton molested during night outSocialite heiress Paris Hilton was at the receiving end of a bizarre incident when she was molested by a fellow clubber during a nightout with her beau American TV personality and baseball player Doug Reinhardt.

The 28-year-old was wearing a revealing low-cut dress and was groped by an unidentified man, who was partying at the same spot Las H Club Wednesday night, reports the Dailymail online.

The 23-year-old Reinhardt immediately stepped in to protect his girlfriend.

"Doug pushed the guy away and then a friend of the groper threw a beer bottle at his head. Someone managed to get him in a headlock before Doug went over and started punching him. Then the groper started to attack Doug and Doug's pal Frankie Delgado decided to get involved," said an onlooker.

It took a while for the club security to restore order and kick the brawlers out, but even as the fight was going on the DJ put on Paris Hilton’s single Stars Are Blind and she climbed on a table and started to dance while Doug valiantly fought to protect her honor.

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