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Hugh Hefner in love with Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner in love with Crystal HarrisPutting all speculations to rest, Hugh Hefner has confessed that his heart beats for new squeeze Crystal Harris - not ex-flame Holly Madison. Days after the Playboy mogul was quoted as calling Madison "the love of his life" and wanting her to move into the mansion, Hefner has now insisted that he's head over heels with his new No. 1 girl Harris.

"I'm in love with Crystal Harris and wouldn't trade her or the Shannon Twins for anyone in the past," The New York Daily News quoted Hefner as saying. The 83-year-old tycoon told Us Weekly that he has "no idea where these crazy stories come from, it was invented by someone to create publicity."

Although, he's content with his new love life, Hefner has said that he hasn't completely shut Madison out of the picture. "Holly will always be Welcome here at the Mansion, but not as a girlfriend. I think she's happy now and I know I am," he said.

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