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Natalie Imbruglia's Depression Struggle

Natalie Imbruglia's Depression StruggleNatalie Imbruglia says she "leans" towards depression.

The Australian star, who plays a depressed woman in new film 'Closed for Winter', found it easy to identify with her character Elise Silverton because they share similar personality traits.

The singer-and-actress said: "For all my strength, I also have that vulnerable side. There's something - a melancholy, I guess.

"Sometimes I get a bit down. I see it in a couple of my sisters, too. We can lean towards that, that melancholy, but we also have the ability to pull ourselves out of it, and some people just don't. That's the difference."

I've always had periods in my life where I've wanted to isolate myself

Natalie also confesses she didn't feel worthy of the success of her debut album 'Left of the Middle' - which included hits such as 'Torn' - and struggled for inspiration while working on her 2001 follow-up 'White Lilies Island'.

She added to Australia's Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "I think I just went a bit strange. I've always had periods in my life where I've wanted to isolate myself. I just wanted to learn my craft in private and the way it happened, it was all wrong. It was not how I had it planned. You're not meant to get success with the first single you release. I was consumed

Natalie recently finished recording her fourth studio album 'Come to Life', which features a number of tracks written by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.
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