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Miley Cyrus trapped in another photo scandal

Miley Cyrus trapped in another photo scandalMiley Cyrus seems to have landed in another photo scandal after new pictures allegedly showing the teenage singer involved in sexual activity found their way on to the Internet.

The 16-year-old had previously sparked outraged after posing semi-topless for the cover of Vanity Fair last year.

The Hannah Montana star later landed in another scandal when her cell phone was hacked and pictures showing the actress posing provocatively in bikinis and a wet bathing suit were leaked.

However, her representative has insisted that the leaked images making rounds online are not authentic.

"The alleged photo of Miley Cyrus circulating the internet is completely fabricated," the New York Daily News quoted her rep as saying.

Various websites were also said to have demystified the authenticity of the photos by showing how an original image could have been edited.

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